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Personalised Miniature Bottles
Alcoholic miniatures
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Personalised Miniatures

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Wedding Favours

Personalised Whisky Miniature Bottles Corporate Labelled Miniatures Personalised Bottle Labels
Looking for wedding favors or personalized party gifts? Do you want to brand your mini drinks for a corporate event? Personalised miniature bottles with your own wedding favor labels to include:
Then consider personalised whisky miniatures or brandy, port, vodka with personalized labels. Great wedding favours for men! We can customise our miniature spirit bottles with your own personalised and bespoke labels to include your company logo; ideal for corporate gifts. Your name(s), date(s) and any background image including your: Scottish clan crest, or coat of arms. Why not have an image of your wedding venue?
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Alcohol Miniatures

Miniature Whisky

Whisky Gift Sets

Alcoholic Miniatures
(non personalised)
Whisky Miniatures
(non customised)
Whisky Gift Sets
(non personalized)
Small bottles of the most popular alcoholic miniature drinks for sale: Buy miniature whisky bottles, 50ml drams, including: Miniature alcoholic spirit bottles in attractive gift sets, including:
Brandy, Baileys Irish Cream Liqueurs, Gin, Port, Rum, Scotch Whisky, Tequila, Vodka, Jack Daniel's Whiskey miniatures and more .. Single malt whisky miniatures and the finest Scotch blends from all the Scottish regions, Irish and Welsh whiskey, and whiskies from the New World .. Scotch whisky miniatures in branded presentation packs. Unique gifts or Scottish wedding favours for your best man ..
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Message On A Bottle ..

Personalised miniatures, small bottles of alcoholic drinks, with your very own label. Choose from miniature whisky, brandy, gin, port or vodka. Great idea for wedding favours, engagement and anniversary parties or any special occasion; guaranteed to be well received by all your guests, family and friends, as a treasured keepsake of your special day.

We also supply miniature alcohol bottles without personalised labels. Select from one of the largest ranges of miniature drinks, including all the most popular brands of alcoholic miniatures. So whatever your choice we have something for everyone at the most competitive prices in the country.

Personalised Miniatures - Tips:
1. Don't get too hung up with the fuss some people make about, who gets what particular alcoholic drink in their wedding favour bottles, as most people like to keep them as a keepsake, rather than drink them on the day. This way you benefit from maximum discounts for buying only one type of drink; personalised whisky miniatures being the most popular.

2. Order in plenty of time to save disappointment. We require at least 10 days to deliver our personalised miniature bottles.

3. For that extra special touch, consider putting your personalized miniatures into our lantern boxes. We offer these with either gold or silver trim at a very affordable price. For those of you on a tighter budget, think about tying a ribbon bow around the neck of your miniature bottles in the colour of your wedding theme; these can be bought from most haberdashery shops very cheaply.

Alcoholic Miniatures:
Buy online from a huge range of the most popular brands of alcohol miniatures, including miniature spirits, liqueurs, single malt and blended Scotch whisky, brandy, gin, liqueurs, port, rum, tequila, vodka and whiskey miniatures. These small bottles are always well received as wedding favours or gifts by the men in your life.

Alcoholic miniatures, are so called because they contain a "miniature"; a small individual single serve measure, 50 ml, of alcohol. However, the description is probably inaccurate given these miniatures, also called "samplers", "nips" and "shots", contain a double pub measure, which is hardly a miniature amount. So please drink them sensibly.

Miniature alcohol bottles were first introduce by distilleries to allow customers to sample a particular alcoholic beverage without the expense of buying a full bottle. However, in recent years these small shot bottles have proven popular with collectors, hotels who provide them as a convenience in their mini bars, and couples who give them as wedding favours.

Increasingly manufactures are providing their miniature bottles in PET (plastic) bottles, which are much lighter, safer and cheaper to transport than miniature glass bottles, and as such are very popular with the airlines, and those companies holding corporate and promotional events, where miniature glass bottles could be found to be dangerous to the public.

Terms and Conditions:
You must be at 18 years old in the UK to buy alcohol miniatures.

We are happy to deliver our personalised miniature bottles anywhere within the U.K.. However, we are unable to ship personalised miniatures overseas.