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The Collection comprises five 5cl miniatures of the most popular bottlings, namely 12, 15, 18, 25 and 20-year-old Highland Parks. Highland Park 12-year-old is described by its producers as "embodying a rounded, smoky sweetness to appeal to whisky devotees and newer consumers alike. Highland Park 15-year- old is an exceptionally fine whisky with a remarkably complex nose, and the flavour from the rich, mature oak casks makes a truly smooth and satisfying malt. "Highland Park 18-year-old boasts rich, full flavour with hints of honey and peat, with a soft, long, rounded finish. Highland Park 25-year-old, neat to enjoy, is an immense vanilla sensation with the characteristic honey sweetness developing into complex aromas of cinnamon, nuts and dark fruit. The fifth in the Collection, Highland Park 30-year-old, bursts fudge sweetness together with complex aromatic spices and dark chocolate orange."

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