Jagermeister Miniature, Miniature Drink 4cl Bottle
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Jagermeister Miniature, Miniature Drink 4cl Bottle

This complex, aromatic concoction contains some 56 herbs, roots and fruits. Strength / ABV : 35% Size : 4cl 40ml Packaging : Glass Country / Region :... more info

Mezcal La Penca Miniature Drink 5cl Bottle

Miniature 5cl bottles of La Penca Mezcal, with worm, distilled from the Salmaina Agave plant, once ready the resulting liquid is then aged in white... more info

Sweet Potato Moonshine Miniature Drink 5cl Bottle

Sweet Potato Moonshine is distilled by hand from sweet potato, grown in the USA, using copper stills and bottled into miniature, 5cl, glass bottles. ... more info

Underberg Miniature Miniature Drink 2cl Bottle

The beneficial effect of Underberg is the result of the potency of selected aromatic herbs from 43 countries - worldwide after a good meal. Two... more info