Whisky Miniatures

Message On A Bottle offer one of the largest ranges of whisky miniatures, for sale in the UK, from where you can buy single malt Scotch, blends, or miniature whiskey bottles from around the world at wholesale prices!

Jack Daniels Gentleman Jack Whiskey Miniature

Jack Daniel's Gentleman Jack miniature Tennessee whiskey. This is a mellower style of Jack, due to the fact is twice charcoal-mellowed, once before...more info

Jack Daniels Whiskey Miniature Bottle 5cl Drink

Our Jack Daniels mini bottles are a favourite at Just A Glass. A small bottle of jack daniels is the perfect gift for any Jack Daniels fan you know,...more info
Jack Daniels Whiskey Miniatures (10 PACK)Jack Daniels Whiskey Miniatures (10 PACK)

Jack Daniels Whiskey Miniatures (10 PACK)

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The distilation of Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Whiskey begins with the careful selection of the finest rye, corn and barley malt.  This choice of...more info